Artist Statement

My video and photographic works address the effects of crime, traumatic personal events, and architectural containments on the human psyche. By dissecting the victim-perpetrator dichotomy as well as the impact of imprisonment, whether it is in a jail, asylum, home, or mind, I aim to create unconventional dialogues about these topics. My works are based on personal experiences, which I use to explore these larger political, social, and psychological issues on an intimate level.

My interest in these issues sparked a series of research and artistic endeavors causing me to probe into the psyche of the “other” as well as deeper into my own psyche. My goal isn’t to exploit, but to understand what these individuals are thinking. I use the abject to describe the death and deterioration of the human body as a subject of beauty. These bodies in their last stage serve as evidence of all experiences that came before. This moment of death is the encapsulating moment of all of these occurrences, but as a corpse. The cataloguing of the everlasting string of humans in jails, institutions, and morgues, reduce the human to nothing more than flesh. By filming these institutions, the memories of the multitudes of bodies who passed through them are kept alive. My intentions are to tell a story by fusing documentary techniques with a metaphoric and cinematographic aesthetic.