La Petite Eat

This film addresses the issues of consumerism of the human body and how that relates to beauty. Beauty is the result of a judgment and the power of how judgment can affect the mortality of a human is addressed in this piece. In this work I utilize the destructive emotions of personal incidences to recreate the experience for the viewer. To achieve this I utilize the human body as well as space to create a performance of imagery for the camera. I have further explored this theme through the concept of the consumption the female form. In exploring these themes I strive for the viewer to question the power of looking. The contrasting images of a ballet dancer and the grotesque qualities of meat question how we expend the female body. The music is composed and performed by myself as well, which features repetitive piano motives. There are also petite animations, meant to emphasize the element of surrealism. This film is meant to make you question the role of the viewer in terms of ballet and other stage-arts involving the human body in contrast with the consumption of meat.